Teleconference Course

The Inner Torah Learning International Teleconference Workshop will not be offered this coming year as Miriam Millhauser Castle will be on a teaching sabbatical. She will continue to be available for private sessions and reachable by email and phone.

Inner Torah Teleconference


Blessed by Hashem with vast inner worlds, we can always go further and deeper on the miraculous journey of discovery and growth that He designed for each of us.

You are invited to join the Inner Torah Learning International Teleconference Workshop, now in its 7th year. This workshop is only for those with prior Inner Torah experience.

Its primary purpose is to provide a framework, guidance, and support for doing the inner work, and developing the skills, you need to become who Hashem created you to be. By helping you stay in connection with yourself – and Hashem — the workshop iy’H helps you navigate the many challenges of your life more easily, better your relationships with others, and continually move forward in your avodas Hashem.

The workshop this year will again be held on Mondays from 9:30 — 11 a.m. EST and will run from October 12, 2015 (כט תשרי תשע”ה) through March 28, 2016 (כז אדר 2 תשע”ו) with appropriate breaks for Chanukah and Purim. Tuition is $435 and with the chevrusa special $385 payable no later than September 20, 2015.

Payment – which will serve as your registration — can be made on line at or by providing your credit card information so that the payment can be processed for you. A separate registration form is not required.

To listen to an introductory excerpt from a prior teleconference workshop, click on the button below.

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GIFT to help you prepare within! Complete your payment for the workshop by September 10, 2015 and receive free access to the three-part Inner Torah series on Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Succos.  Each of the three sessions is an hour and a half, and includes guidance on inner work appropriate to the Chag.

Have a meaningful, wonderful Elul!