Teleconference Course

Inner Torah TeleconferenceINNER TORAH LEARNING INTERNATIONAL TELECONFERENCE WORKSHOP 2017-18 (for those with prior Inner Torah experience)

Blessed by Hashem with vast inner worlds, we can always go further and deeper on the miraculous journey of discovery and growth that He designed for each of us.

The workshop provides guidance and support for doing the inner work, and developing the skills, to become who Hashem created you to be. By helping you connect with yourself – and Hashem — the workshop helps you navigate the challenges of your life more easily, better your relationships with others, and continually move forward in your avodas Hashem.

In prior years, mothers and daughters, sisters and sisters-in-laws, and other combinations of family members have participated in the workshop, facilitating both their own growth and that of the family unit. The greater self-awareness that each developed led to better understanding and appreciation of each other.

The sessions also include breath and body explorations to help you ground, center, and have more energy, as well as opportunities to share experiences and ask questions.

Confidentiality and privacy are respected. While we work together, each person works with her own issues, comes into relationship with her own younger, vulnerable selves. Sharing is optional and, if desired, can be accomplished by sending in your question/experience which can then be related to the group anonymously. Participants benefit tremendously from hearing each other’s experiences. They realize that they’re not alone and, with the sharing of ideas that happens, they learn from each other’s innovations as well.

The workshop this year will be held on Mondays from 10 — 11:15 a.m. EST (U.S) and will run from November 13, 2017 (כד חשון תשע”ח) through March 12, 2018 (כה אדר תשע”ח) with a week break for Chanukah. Tuition is $320 payable by October 23, 2017. Payment – which will serve as your registration — can be made on line on our payment page or by providing your credit card information so that the payment can be processed for you. A separate registration form is not required.

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